Conflicts 2016

Conflict of interest red flags

With all these conflicts from 2016, how Trump he get voted into office?

  1. Businesses registered during the campaign in Saudi Arabia
  2. Businessmen from India meet with President-elect Trump
  3. Foreign diplomats at Trump Hotel in DC
  4. Ivanka Trump sits in on meeting with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe
  5. Ivanka Trump’s company hawks a bracelet after 60 minutes interviews
  6. Trump children (who will run business) on transition team. Donald Trump Jr. reportedly is involved in Secretary of Interior selection process
  7. Trump currently facing investigation by Department of Labor
  8. Trump hotel lease with GSA (which he could be in violation of on day 1 of his administration.)
  9. Trump currently under audit by IRS
  10. Russian Foreign Minister saying they were in touch with Trump campaign
  11. Debt with foreign banks some now facing federal fines
  12. Ivanka Trump joined President Mauricio Macri congratulatory phone call with her father
  13. Trump said to have told British politician Nigel Farage to oppose wind farm near his Scottish golf course (then lobbying in a tweet for Farage to become ambassador to the U.S.)
  14. Philippines appoints man building Trump Tower (licensed under the Trump name) in Manila as “special envoy.” President Duterte has said Trump expressed support for his drug war which has been criticized as an abuse of human rights.
  15. Self-dealing (Using nonprofit to help self, business or family) reported in Trump Foundation 2015 Tax return posted on Guidestar.
  16. Turkish newspapers reporting that Trump praised his Turkish business partner in a call with Turkish President Erdogan. Erdogan has reportedly arrestedn a businessman from Dogan, the company which works with Trump to possibly have leverage for the return of Gulen to Turkey.
  17. Trump Foundation received $150,000 from a Ukrainian oligarch for a video speech Trump made in September 2015
  18. Trump’s stock in oil pipeline company
  19. Long-stalled Trump Tower project in resort town in former Soviet republic of Georgia moves forward
  20. Bahrain to hold major event at Trump’s D.C. hotel
  21. Trump Hotel Rio de Janeiro involved in a criminal investigation in Brazil. (The Trump Organization announced it will pull the name off the hotel and will not operate it.)
  22. Trademarks registered around the world
  23. His stock portfolio (which reportedly includes shares in banks, pharma, and oil). The transition has stated the portfolio (which according to a May financial disclosure also includes Boeing) was sold in June, but has not presented evidence of that move.
  24. Trump named properties could present global security risk (per former White House ethics lawyer)
  25. Holds United Technologies Corp bonds (parent company of Carrier).
  26. Ladder Capital, which owns at least $282 million in Trump debt, may be up for sale.
  27. Trump has telephone call with Taiwan president where the Trump Organization reportedly is looking at building hotels. (“Beijing... regards the island as a renegade province.”)
  28. NBC reportedly has ordered episodes of “The New Apprentice.” Variety reports Trump will retain his Executive Producer title for the show.
  29. National Labor Relations Board
  30. Sold tickets to Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve party
  31. 2 Indonesian resort projects with billionaire Hary Tanoesoedibjo as Trump’s local partner. Eric Lipton reported a potential conflict: Tanoesoedibjo “ran for vice president of Indonesia in 2014 and is organizing a political party for another possible run at national office in 2019.”
  32. More than 150 financial institutions hold debts connected to the President-elect, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis

Areas of potential conflicts needing more reporting

  1. Reports from Argentina newspaper La Nacion Trump asked President Mauricio Macri about a building project there.
  2. Jared Kushner rumored to join the White House
  3. Trump team denies they asked for security clearance for Trump children

Settled potential conflicts

  1. Removed lobbyists from transition team
  2. $25 million settlement of Trump University fraud case
  3. Trump Organization to go before planning board in Ireland over seawall for Trump International Golf Links. (Organization reportedly dropped seawall from plans.)
  4. Eric Trump to stop soliciting money for charity
  5. Trump Organization announced accords with unions at two hotels
  6. Quits hotel project in Brazil named in criminal inquiry
  7. Charity auction to have coffee with Ivanka Trump closed
  8. Fundraiser for post-inauguration meeting with President and hunting trip cancelled


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